Exciters and Modulators are critical for transmission success

...And that is why we design and manufacture our own.  

Anywave Communications

DTV Exciters and Modulators

Unlike some transmitter vendors, we design and manufacture our own DTV Exciters and Translators.  Our engineers and R&D team have brought their experience of assisting with the development of the standards ATSC, CMMB and DTTM to the design of a complete line of DTV Exciters. All our exciters are broadband and operate without any hardware change on both UHF & VHF, Analog or Digital TV and operate on the standards of ATSC, ATSC3.0, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2 and ISDB-T/b.

DTV Exciters and Translators come in four models. 

They are the: 

  • 3X+
  • 5X+
  • 9X
  • 9XA

ANYWAVE Exciters and Translators come packed with features and state of the art technology.  Our powerful Adaptive Digital Pre-Correction (ADPC ™) compensates for the linear and non-linear distortions created by DTV transmission systems.  ANYWAVE Direct Digital RF (DDRF ™ ) provides automatic broadband balancing technology to achieve near perfect RF performance, unparalleled phase noise and signal noise levels.  We also offer EAS switching via an IP input, Performance Monitoring software, TSID and PSIP edit options and a unique Static Picture Feature (SPF™ ). 

Download a Data Sheet for our Exciters and Modulators here