Transmitter Solutions

We have many different Transmitter solutions.  One of them is sure to meet your requirements.  

Marble Series, Air Cooled TV Transmitters from 70W to 2kW UHF and VHF

Granite Series MHPTV, Air Cooled TV Transmitters from 1.3kW to 10.4kW UHF

Magma Series HPTV, Liquid Cooled UHF TV Transmitters from 5kW to 150kW

Magma Series HPTV, Liquid Cooled VHF Band I & III TV Transmitters from 3kW to 96kW

Flint Series, Outdoor Gap Fillers up to 100W

Flint Series, Indoor Gap Fillers up to 1000W



HPTV, MPTV & LPTV Transmitters

Anywave offers DTV transmitters for every requirement.  We have HPTV, MPTV & LPTV transmitters that operate across all worldwide DTV standards including DVB-T/H, DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC, ATSC3.0, ISDB-T and DTMB. Our transmitters are offered either as Air Cooled or as Liquid Cooled for higher powers.  We offer a variety of power ranges for transmitters ranging from 1W all the way to 150kW.  Our transmitters range from single cabinets to multiple cabinets based on your requirements.

Anywave Magma Transmitter 3
Anywave Communications

Best TCO and OPEX in the industry

Our transmitters are some of the most efficient in the world and all dual-cast compliant (can operate on analog and digital or can be converted from ATSC1.0 to ATSC3.0). Converting from analog to digital or ATSC1.0 to ATSC3.0 can be achieved on the same transmitter in a matter of minutes , This results in lower TCO and outstanding ROI for your transmission equipment investment.

Anywave Communications LPTV Transmitter

Leading edge design and technology

Anywave Communication employs asymmetrical Doherty amplifier technology to obtain the very highest operating efficiencies and maximum power density.  We design our transmitters for maximum reliability and as a result, there are a minimum of service interruptions. Get A Quote